Bowerbird Photography is committed to making a positive difference in the world.

We have been, and continue to be strong allies for several causes globally, including: LGBTQ rights, women's rights, and public health.

Our engagement with public health, has, in part, developed from the legal work Sam did at Bay Area Legal Aid in San Francisco, helping indigent clients gain access to healthcare. (Sam practiced law before delving into photography full-rime, and while he is still a card-carrying member of the California State Bar, considers himself happily "retired.")

We work with public health agencies, non-profits, hospitals, and clinics to tackle the particular challenges they face within their community, by telling the stories needing to be told.

For example, we helped document health campaigns at schools in the highlands of Peru with Sacred Valley Health, who also partnered with nursing and health students from SUNY Brockport. Where access to health care is limited, these visits have proven critical to improving health outcomes. Teaching stations were set up that covered an array of topics from daily hygiene, to healthy diet, to sexual reproduction. Medical practitioners gave physical exams and provided treatment when needed. Local health promoters received training, to learn to be first-responders and help to diagnose problems early and provide help.
Here's a sample of some of our photos, and the stories Sacred Valley Health told with them, helping to raise money, partnerships, and awareness for their organization:

Contact Bowerbird Photography and tell us why you want us to tell your story. We are based in the SF Bay Area, and follow stories around the world. Book early; our schedule fills up fast. email:, phone: 415-312-8545.