Bowerbird Photography is committed to making a difference with our photography. It is our lifelong passion.

We work with nonprofits and NGOs to communicate their mission and impact through our photographs.

For example, we have partnered closely with the Global Fund for Women, a non-profit based in San Francisco, to help champion gender equality and equal rights across. In addition to photographing their galas, lectures, and events in San Francisco, we spent a month photographing the work of their grantees, and the impact of the Global Fund for Women in the Middle East. 

When the The Global Fund for Women decided to re-brand their organization and re-model their website, they used our photos to tell their story. 

When non-profits are committed to making an impact, it is necessary to communicate their story through photographs on websites, social media, annual reports, emails, grant requests, printed literature, and framed on the walls of headquarters, to: 

1. Move DONORS to take action with inspiring images and stories,
2. Empower the PUBLIC as allies,
3. Create CAMPAIGNS to build momentum for change.

Here's how "Gender Equality... [Got] a Bold New Brand." (Branding credit: Good Stuff Partners.)

Have your greatness seen, increase your impact, and inspire others to stand with you. Contact Bowerbird Photography and tell us why we would be a good fit. We are based in the SF Bay Area, and follow stories around the world. Book early; our schedule fills up fast. email:, phone: 415-312-8545.